It would be great if I was able to mount a directory into a daemon-tools virtual drive, much like the very old dos-tool fake-cd.

There are two reasons:
- Sometimes cd's don't come as images, but simply as all the files on that cd inside an archive. If you extract that archive and want to use the files as cd but the program that uses the cd only accepts the files from a cd drive then you either have to burn them first or create an image file.

The second most important reason:
- I have a laptop without cdrom drive. I have installed daemon-tools on it and I use it to install games etc. like the way you advice me to: make image, mount image over network. The problem is that this takes time and my computer only has a limited amount of space. If I only sometimes need the cd I can't afford to have it lying around on my harddrive. It would be best for me if I could simply share my directory over the network, and mount this network share in daemon-tools. Then use the cd-drive like it is attached to my laptop.

And the third reason:
- I know not any program that is able to do this (if you know one I would be just as pleased if you'd tell me about it)

It doesn't seem like you care much to implement this (if I look at the other suggestions I've read about sharing cd-drives). It would need an extra interface item, but I'd also be happy to mount through command line. Second, it would need a new image driver, but since deamon tools already supports dozens of images, I don't think it is very hard to create one that simply has to read directory structures. Of course you're the author and you decide what you do with your time This is simply a suggestion.