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Thread: Windows XP - Harddrive doens't know what format it's in

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    Default Windows XP - Harddrive doens't know what format it's in

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: Ahead Nero
    Anti-virus Software: (during issue) Pc-Cillin 2002 (now) NAV 2004 pro trial
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    Hi. I'm not sure if this is the same error that everyone else is getting. I installed daemon tools, and my computer was pretty much fine. I then put a Ceebot-A image, and play happily. I then change the game to windowed mode, and leave the driver the way it was. I go to the washroom, comeback, the system is 100% unresponsive. I reboot. I try again, crash. I try again, crash. I try again, crash. I try 1 more time, crash. I reboot, the computer puts this message about rolling back to the last working configuration. I'm reading, the computer decides to choose on it's own. I keep going, and login. I then get all these errors "Windows could not save this file blah blah blah" get hundreds of them. THe system is quite unresponsive. After lots of troubleshooting, I decide to format. During choice of which disk to format, it says C: (Unknown format) D: (NTFS) (note: both are the same harddrive, partitioned, formatted as NTFS). I delete both partitions, create a new C: only, and do a quick format. I'm up and running again, but I'm afraid to use daemon tools :oops: . Is this the same error everyone else gets with 3.43? Am I safe with using an older version like daemon.msi (3.33)?

    Thx for any help

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    Operating System: XPSP1
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: NAV2k4
    DAEMON Tools Version: None (3.44 crashes at bootup with nForce2 Mobo)

    Sounds like you have the XP (non SP1) problem

    XP without SP1 can destroy information on the HDD, including partition table entries.

    Install SP1 and all updates to cure the problem.


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