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Thread: automatic start failed

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    Default automatic start failed

    when I use the "-a" (Add to system start up.) switch, it shows

    Unable to locate the file "daemon.dll" and/or "dtpro.dll".
    Please copy "Yasu.exe to your DAEMON-Tools directory, then run the application again.
    every time I start up the computer.

    I'm sure I placed yasu.exe in correctly folder (C:\Program Files\Daemon Tools Lite\) and YASU can be started after windows startup processes are finished.

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    s a bug which will be fixed in any newer version hopefully.
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    actually you have to do exactly what it says, and it will work fine. open up the location of the YASU program (not the shortcut) and right click-cut. Then open up "My Computer" and go to whatever drive you saved DAEMON tools on (in my case C) and then open up program files and then open the file that says DAEMON tools. then right click, and paste YASU into the file. if you want easy access to YASU, then after you have completed the above steps, right click on YASU and click copy. Then go to your Desktop and right click-paste shortcut.

    There ya go!
    hope that helps.


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