i would like it so that when i select new posts (from the top of the page) only english ones are shown to me. i am not interested in germen or russian posts. and their titles should be in germen and russian anyway. most titles are that way for the russian posts but not so for german. since i can't read either i'm angry and i don't want to see them at all. many times i see a good heading only to realize, shit it's in the german forums.

most germans users on these forums can read/write good english. why do they partake in segragated forums with "exclusive" postings ? foreign language posts should ONLY be made by those that can not read/write in english. i am certain that 80% of the russian/german posts could be made in english and are not only because they have their own forums.

ps: language translators are shit. i could make more sense reading egyptian hieroglyphics.