DS mounts an image if it has the full path of the image file.

But, what happens if you don't know in which drive letter the image is?

I'm trying to burn four images into a single DVD because by this way we save physical space and you're not likely to have images on HDD.

Here comes the problem: DS can't find the file unless it's path it's fully specified but you can work around this problem using \..\ instead of the drive letter, but this only works with physical drives.

Then, i'm wondering if it exists a .\ or <CURRENTDIR> path that can solve the problem. Otherwise it's impossible for DS to make an image burned on a cd work.

The problem becomes bigger when you burn the script in the DVD and link the script to your autorun program, by the way you can have your DVD because you can't edit every time the script to make it mount the image.

Anyone knows how to get around this problem/ solve this out?

I've been looking for any way to mount the image via command line but it's impossible for me to make cmd print the image in the DT command of mounting (daemon.exe mount...).

Thank you in advance.