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Thread: dvd-rom game images

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    Default dvd-rom game images

    hello all!

    first off, i am new to this board so go easy on me if i missed something huge & obvious.

    my issue is that i am looking for a program that will create
    dvd iso images of dvd-rom data discs (NOT dvd movies). i use CloneDVD and all that, but it's all designed for copying movies. I also use WinISO and Nero to create iso images of cd-rom discs. WinISO does not appear to support making isos of dvd discs. And Nero doesn't ever give me a DVD option unless I have a dvd burner attached to the system, even when i choose the Image Recorder as the recording device.

    That having been said, I just got the Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Collection & I would like to try to run the DVD's off my computer without having the discs in the DVD drive, using, of course, the wonderful Daemon Tools.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Try UltraISO - supports ISOs up to 10GB.
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    thanks! i got my hands on ultraISO and i like it. in fact it has more features than WinISO, so i might just switch.

    i also tested alcohol 120% for the same purpose and it creates dvd images as well. one thing i like about alcohol is that it lets you span the image over several files, so, for instance, i can burn my dvd onto several cd-r's if i don't have a dvd burner (which i don't) or some other way to transport a 3GB+ file. if ultraISO does this, i just haven't found the option yet


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