I found a free ISO maker for windows XP. It is billed as a Powertoy by its maker. It leverages the built in ability of XP to record software. It can create an ISO or it can burn and ISO to a CD. I have tried it on my home machine where I use DaemonTools under the personal license and have found it to work on all cd's I have tried so far, though I have not tried to do any copy protected CD's yet. It does mention that it should not be able to create ISO from a copy protected CD.

When you right-click on a CD drive you can create a CD image. Or when you right click on an ISO you can burn an image. Again it ONLY works on Windows XP.

It is available at:

Hope this helps.


(I searched the forum for this and did not see it mentioned before I posted, sorry if you all already know about it.)