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Thread: Cant start IDE Adapter

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    Default Cant start IDE Adapter

    I tryed to start IDE Adapter with the Virtual Device Manager.
    Iam using Windows Vista Buisness and it ask me to install Drivers for an unknown Device.
    But i dont know where to get a driver.
    After searching the Driver i get the error:

    Unable to add adapter device problem 1

    If i wont search the driver i get the error:

    Unable to add adapter device problem 28

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    What version of DT Pro are you using (version number and type (Basic, Standard or Advanced))?

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    iam using the latest dt pro advanced

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    contact support directly or try the CUSTOMER foums..

    btw: cracked versions are not supported.. just a hint..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RamirezTerrix View Post
    iam using the latest dt pro advanced
    So which version do you use? Pls answer precisely. Where did you download your DTProAdv?
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    iam using deamon tools advanced pro 4.12.0220
    and downloaded it from the offical homepage!

    Also there is no virtual drive to see in my explorer.
    i tryed the hints in the forum, but i cant install the drivers.
    Iam using windows vista buisness and found cdrom.inf at system32/drivers
    if i use this file to install the drivers it says there is an error during installation because a file isnt found.

    I also asked the offical support for help they investigate on my problem, but may u have a quick hint for me ;D

    (Ps: iam using a german os so i cant just posst the error messages)

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    Do you have infcache.1 file on your system? Try to remove it, then try again.
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    INFCACHE.1 is on my system but i am not allowed to remove it even with administrator rights.
    is there any tool to overide the systemsecurity?
    I could delete infcache.1 by editing the propertys of the file
    Ok i tryed to install the Cd-Rom Drivers.
    The same Error like prevouse:
    It found the driver but it cant install because a file is missing...
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