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Thread: Homebrew HD-DVD Troubles

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    Default Homebrew HD-DVD Troubles

    I'm having touble getting Daemon Tools Lite-mounted HD-DVD .ISO images (authored in Pinnacle Studio 10) to play in PowerDVD Ultra.

    A real, physical HD-DVD disc of the exact same .ISO source, authored and burned in Studio 10, will play properly on a first-gen Toshiba consumer player and on my PC directly from an USB Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive via PowerDVD. Video and audio are both perfect.

    Mounting the same .ISO file on Daemon Tools Lite V4.12.0 causes PowerDVD to launch, but the 'disc' does NOT play. Clicking PLAY does nothing. Browsing to the .EVO movie file in the HVDVD_TS folder and double-clicking launches Media Player 11 and the video file plays perfectly, albeit without navigation menus.

    So, Daemon Tools is loading a readable HD-DVD disc image. But something is getting lost in translation with PowerDVD.

    Point of Interest: PowerDVD does play commercial test disc .ISO's ripped to HDD with AnyDVD/ImgBurn and re-mounted with Daemon Tools. Fantastic picture and sound. The general file structures appear to be essentially the same between those ISO's and my home-brew discs.

    I'd like to load my High-Def demo reels on an internal PC HDD for easy, reliable playback at prospective client offices, leaving the mess of hardware HD-DVD discs and the USB drive at home, let alone dragging a consumer player around town.

    Any thoughts? I'd be happy to author a small (122MB) sample .ISO for you eager beavers to download and help me troubleshoot.

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    Default Re: HD-DVD

    HD-DVD and Blue-Ray are not completely implemented yet in DAEMON Tools. They will be eventually supported. I didn't even know that you could rip some discs to ISO and have them work. That's kind of neat. AACS is the encryption system used on both Blue-Ray and HD-DVD, maybe your test disc didn't use AACS.

    Programs like DVDFab HD Decrypter or AnyDVD HD allow you to rip the disc and remove the AACS. You might want to re-rip your source that doesn't play.

    But as a final thought, i don't think you can even rip an AACS disc since it would be scrambled or more lilkely the hd-dvd drive would refuse to allow copying the files so you probably didn't run into that problem.
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