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Thread: Bug on disc-soft website

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    Default Bug on disc-soft website

    While checking out the new pricing policy, I found this quite annoying bug, which makes it almost impossible to buy extra licenses:

    When you click to buy extra licenses for a product you already own, there's a button to download an already paid product. Together with this button there also seems to be a timed redirect to the download page.

    For example: I have a license for DT Pro Advanced. If I click 'Buy Now' and select DT Pro Advanced, I get a sreen with a download button on top (download already paid product) and below it I can enter information about quantity and payment method.
    If I just wait a few seconds, the screen will automatically jump to the DT Pro Advanced download page, even if I did nothing at all.

    This only seems to happen when trying to buy extra licenses of already owned products, so I think it has something to do with the download button on top of the page.

    I checked out the page source and found this piece of Java Script:
    <script language="Javascript">setTimeout("window.location. replace(',1/full?forced=false')",10000)</script>
    This piece of Java Script causes the redirect to the download page after 10 seconds.
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