OS : Win XP SP 2
AntiVirus: AntiVir + Sunbelt Kerio Personal FW
DT : DT Pro Basic 4.12.0220
MoBo: Asus M2N SLIDeluxe
MoBo Chipset: NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP
Burning Software: Nero7 (allready de-installed)

Hello and greetings from Germany
At first, plz excuse my bad english, i hope you understand my Problem and got a solution for me.

I'm able to create images but every time when i want to use a image my PC freezes. Even CTR-ALT-DEL dosn't work.
The freeze happens at different times with different images. Sometimes while installing from an image, sometimes while playing from an image... .
I don't know why this happens and i have searched allready the forum but i didn't found a solution.
I have also tryed to use DT Light instead of DT Pro but it freezes the pc too.