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Thread: need major help plz

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    Default need major help plz

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: EasyCD
    Anti-virus Software: norton
    DAEMON Tools Version: newest one

    hey guys i got a major problem with my computer after installing DT. Windows will not start...every time i start my computer it goes to a blue screen saying that windows is shut down to prevent damage, there is a stop error, and at the bottom it shows the file cdr4_xp. I read all the post i can regarding my problem but i cant find a solution to fix this problem if windows cannot start...i've been trying to do something using the recovey console but i am lost and im not sure what to do. Everything else i try leads to the blue screen. I am not using my computer, using someone elses. I tried disabling cdr4_xp but it still wont start windows when i restart. back to the blue screen. So can anyone help me with my problem plz?!?! and remember i cant start windows...every possible solution i've found, like on the microsoft site etc., you need windows to start to fix. thx!

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    If you boot into safe mode, you will see chance to cancel loading virtual driver. But from recovery console, you can type: rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\cdr_xp.sys C:\windows\system32\drivers\cdr_xp.bak

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    ya i am gonna try through the recovery console because i cant even start windows through safe mode either or last known configuration

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    i renamed it and then when i restarted it said im missing some system config file so i guess im back at the begining...still cant start windows. I think im just gonna reinstall cause it wont even let me repair anymore either..


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