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Thread: Forum : changing messages order ?

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    Default Forum : changing messages order ?

    Hello, and happy New Year to all people here..

    Concerning the forums, I would like to know if it is possible to get the messages sorted by date in DESCENDANT order ?

    I prefer yhis order.. hum :?

    Thank you.

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    You mean by date? The posts/topics should be ordered with most recent posts at the top.

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    Yes, it's what I mean.

    Actually, most recent messages are at the bottom; I would prefer them at the top; ordered from the most recent to the oldest one.

    Is there any manipulation to do ?

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    Offhand I have no idea why you get this strange behavior. In profile, is your date format set to 'D M d, Y g:i a'? And what is your timezone set to?

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    I'm really a bloody idiot !

    ...didn't see the option at the bottom of the page !!! :oops:

    Now it works. But my question was not useless : so, I have studied a part of the php language.. :roll:

    My apologies for the trouble.


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