Operating System: WinXP Pro (German) SP1
Burning Software: Feurio 1.66, Nero, InCD; used to run EasyCD Creator
Anti-virus Software: GData AVK 14 (uses Kapersky Engine)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Hi forum,

I am using Daemon Tools (DT) in SafeDisc 2 emulation to mount a game CD image (SimCity 4). This works fine and I can run the game without any problems, but after a while, the InCD service (InCDsrv.exe) crashes. Sometimes it lasts one hour, mostly just one or two minutes, but InCD is defintely going to die shortly after the system has accessed the emulated drive.

After the InCD crash, all running instances of Windows Explorer hang and I can't start any new ones. Also, I can no longer access my optical drives (not even my DVD drive, which is a read-only one). Besides this, I can continue to use the machine, but upon restart, logoff or shutdown, WinXP hangs. Only solution now is to switch the power off.

Since I am quite a newbie in CD burning and stuff, I cannot tell whether InCD or DT is the culprit. Still I can say that if I don't run DT, then the box is perfectly reliable and InCD does not crash. Also, it seems to me that if the image is just mounted, but not used (that is, I do not start the game);
there are no crashes either, but I currently am not sure on that.

Do you guys have an idea whether the problems comes from InCD or from Daemon Tools (or maybe their SafeDisc emulation)? Or is it just a simple configuration issue?


PS: I used to have EasyCD Creator installed, but according to Feurio's system check, I uninstalled it successfully.