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Thread: deamon tools will not open

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    Default deamon tools will not open

    i installed daemon tools lite 3.47 because the latest one does not work for my OS (Windows XP).

    when i click on the desktop icon, nothing happens. if i press Alt+Tab+Del and go to processess, i can see daemon347.exe although nothing has opened.

    maybe i am using this incorrectly but may someone please help me with with problem?


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    And what doesn't work exactly with latest version not in Windows XP?
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    Default Common Problems and Solutions

    Check the post entitled "Installed Daemon Tools, but the tray icon is missing/disappeared" in the Common Problems and Solutions forum.
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    Hello Daemon tools team.

    I have spent almost 2 hours tryin to get daemon tools working and i keep gettin referred back to that site. I have the problem where daemon tools does not appear on my system tray. I admit i am not very good at computers. and that URL site that keeps gettin linked is not helpin me at all, it is complicated/long and i dont know what i am lookin for. Please help me in this post by givin me a direct quick answer to it.

    I am not sure whether i have 2 problems or one. because when i install daemon tools... and i double click on icon it says daemontools.exe is missin or something... i chek the daemon tools lite folder. and all there is .. is just daemontoolshlp.exe or something...

    i am using windows vista 64 bit.

    please help me i am gettin too stressed out. i've had the same ISO image for about 3 days now tryin to figure this out.



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