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Thread: Multiple images as one drive

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    Nevermind, found out what DC++ was through a google search. Its not exactly what I had in mind, but I think I've had all my questions answered here.

    Thanks for all the helpful thoughts and comments/clarifications.

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    Hi !

    I have something to add here.

    I have used some software to rip some DVDs and in some casses there are two images created (if they are bigger than one DVD) (*.I00 and *.I01 and I think mds file). I can load this image ok (by loading this 3rd file), but problem is that I come to a cartian point in image (where both images are split) I can't see anything anymore and dameon image is reset. Can someone take a look at this problem, or does someone idea what I can do with this. I am using x64 bit of windows, and at this time version 4.08.

    Does anybody have any solution?


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    What software did you use to create the images? Have you tried recreating the images with another program? Is this a movie, game or data DVD?

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