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Thread: Problem installing from images in Vista

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    Default Problem installing from images in Vista

    Hi, im having problems when trying to install from an image file.
    i recently upgraded to windows vista 32-bi version, and now when i try to install something by opening it up with daemon tools, (by double clicking on the installer file) i get this error message;
    'This installation package cannot be opened. contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package'

    i know this is possibly nothing to do with daemon tools as it opened the image file just fine, its just when trying to actually install that the problem arises.

    when i had windows XP it all worked fine, i used the exact same file, and no problems. this has also happend with a few other image files that let me install the product fine using windows xp, but now vista is causing me grief.

    is this just another annoing vista problem or can something be done with daemon tools to fix this?


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    Try completely uninstalling DTools and SPTD (use the standalone SPTD installer), then install the latest versions of SPTD 1.56 and DTools 4.12.2 and try again.


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