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Thread: Problem boot "d346bus.sys"

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    Default Problem boot "d346bus.sys"

    I never had any problem with boot before. But now I cant boot in any mode at all. Safe Mode dosnґt work. Last working conf dosnґt work, normal boot dosnґt work.. nothing work..

    Itґs crash all the time and restart when windows start.. 1 sec and reboot... In safe mode I can see it crash after d346bus.sys

    I tried to read other posts in the forum here but I couldnt find any that had the exakt same problem as me.

    Do I need to reinstall windows or could it work to put in the Harddrive in another comp and try to fix it from there ??

    need help thou I have a lot of important stuff on my comp (Homepage, ekonomi etc.)

    Best regards Lahtrif

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    Never tried that but i hope it helps to let you boot in safe/normal mode again:
    Boot with your Windows CD, start recovery console and rename d346bus.sys and d346prt.sys in Windows\System32\drivers folder.

    ren [drive:][path]name1 name2
    e.g.: ren c:\windows\system32\drivers\d346bus.sys d346bus.old

    Quote Originally Posted by Lahtrif View Post
    I never had any problem with boot before. But now I cant boot in any mode at all.
    Does that mean you've used DT 3.46 for some time without problem and suddenly this issue occured ?
    Any software you've installed directly before the problem showed up ?
    What OS are you running ?
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    Iґve used daemon tool for some times... I didnґt install anything...

    Iґll use Win XP

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    Default Recovery Console

    I agree with Terramex, try to boot your windows install CD then use "Recovery Console" and rename or delete that file.
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