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Thread: Blacklisted... (I think)

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    Default Blacklisted... (I think)

    Hi, recently bought a couple of EA games, C&C generals and BF1942, have and use deamon tools and when I run either of the above games I get an 'insert disc' error.
    Running win xp pro, I've unmounted drives, disabled drives, unistalled daemon, turned all emulations off and disabled etc...... can't think of anything else to try.
    Have got round it by dualbooting to win 2k to play but itd be nice to get round this problem if possible.

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    unistalled daemon
    If uninstall was successfull and game still won't run, then it's probably
    not daemon tools fault or a blacklist.

    is it possible you've installed other burn-apps, like alcohol or blindwrite or
    clonecd? Try to deinstall this apps, too - it's possible that one of the
    mentioned apps is blacklisted. Does f.e. General Hours work from Original

    And don't forget that safedisc-protection "remembers" which drive it was installed from, so you should install it from your dt-drive, too!


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