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    My friend let me borrow an image of Warcraft III so I could see if the game was worth buying (definitely worth the $50 if you like games like that) and I'm a little confused about what he gave me. There are three files: Warcraft3.ccd Warcraft3.sub Warcraft3
    The last one is listed as an IMG file but has no extension. I load up the game in Daemon 3.26 and everything works great; installs and plays without any trouble or me having to emulate Securom or anything. Ok, so here are the questions. What in the world is a .sub file? None of my friends know what it is either. Why is the .ccd file only 1 KB and the IMG file with no extension 743,205 KB ? How can the size of the image file be larger than the space an actual CD can hold? Lastly, is there a way to turn this image file into a CD without having the original CD it was made from? I would assume there is so I will try to burn one using Disc Juggler and post my results.


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    Nevermind about the size issue. I've finished reading the 1:1 copy section of this site and it answered that question and possibly a few more I was having.

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    Just an FYI: the TEAC DW28E drive that comes in the Alienware Area51m does not support writing of 96 bytes subchannel data. I've determined that after making a few coasters. I guess I'm outta luck now.


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