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Thread: USB slave emulation driver?

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    Default USB slave emulation driver?

    There is millions of people out there who have obsolete and old laptops with hooked up USB devices acting as file servers.

    Now adays any decent hardware multimedia player have an interface to connect external Harddrives.

    There is a huge market for a driver that let the USB host controller connect to media devices and let the USB controller port act as a slave port.

    I think Daemon Tools have the knowledge to create a generic USB slave emulation driver that could be used for this purpose.

    Is a generic USB slave emulation driver just a dream or would it be possible to make?

    (The reason i ask is because most NAS will not allow the drive to work both over USB and TCP at same time, and most external drives only have one USB port and will not allow simultaneous connection of different master devices)

    Best regards JT thanks for a great product

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    Default ...

    hehe, maybe there will be a Laxity USB emulator someday
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