I see that many people has the similar problem as me, and after hours of reading posts i cant find answer for solving this problem.

Daemon tools worked just fine before i did OS reinstal, Win XP SP2.
Now, after reinstalation, when i try to start Daemon, program attempts to create virtual drive and i get "Please wait" message that it takes forever, and my processor is 100% busy. Computer slows down terribly and i need around 2-3 min to open "My computer" for example. I managed to reboot my system (needed 15 min to do just that) and same thing again. All works fine for that 10 sec till Daemon starts. At "My computer" i can see new drive - virtual, but it says cd-rom drive.
I managed to uninstal Daemon and after reboot, OS works great.
I did try Alcohol and same thing happened again.

Please, can u give me solution for this problem or post link if already exists on this forums.

I`m too tired and frustrated to keep reading.

Tnx in advance.