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Thread: "Please wait" message and slow computer problem

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    Default "Please wait" message and slow computer problem


    I see that many people has the similar problem as me, and after hours of reading posts i cant find answer for solving this problem.

    Daemon tools worked just fine before i did OS reinstal, Win XP SP2.
    Now, after reinstalation, when i try to start Daemon, program attempts to create virtual drive and i get "Please wait" message that it takes forever, and my processor is 100% busy. Computer slows down terribly and i need around 2-3 min to open "My computer" for example. I managed to reboot my system (needed 15 min to do just that) and same thing again. All works fine for that 10 sec till Daemon starts. At "My computer" i can see new drive - virtual, but it says cd-rom drive.
    I managed to uninstal Daemon and after reboot, OS works great.
    I did try Alcohol and same thing happened again.

    Please, can u give me solution for this problem or post link if already exists on this forums.

    I`m too tired and frustrated to keep reading.

    Tnx in advance.

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    It's very likely you have a problem with your new Antivirus SOftware. It happened the same to me. Try to disable it and if you can work without problems, that's the problem. SO you'll have to switch to another antivirus (of course you can't use other daemon tools software ;-)

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    might be a good idea to mention the anti virus, so the developers are at least aware of the 'situation'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by salocha View Post
    and my processor is 100% busy
    which process uses 100% CPU?
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