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Thread: Internal setup error. Error code: 14

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    Default Internal setup error. Error code: 14

    I am trying to install Deamon Tools lite 4.12.3.
    In the very beginning of the installation I get the error
    "Internal setup error. Error code: 14. Contact Support".

    I have Windows XP and I had an earlier version of Deamon Tools that I just uninstalled before trying to install the latest version.

    Please advice.

    -- Vilhelm

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    What version of DAEMON Tools did you have installed before? I would suggest downloading the SPTD installer and deactivating any antivirus and spyware protection and try to install SPTD first, then the DAEMON Tools installer after reboot if SPTD installs without errors.
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    Disable also EVERY security software and then start setup again.
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    Default Run as ...

    In the past starting the installer with the administrator account by means of "Run as" helped to install the software ....

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