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Thread: after installing fifa 2003 from a .bin file it asks "please insert fifa cd2, click ok and restart application"

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    I'm having a problem like this. Only I have no idea what the guy was talking about for the solution. In fact, my problem is exactly like his only its Age of Mythology

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    Which part from "re-create the image from your original cd with e.g. Alcohol using SafeDisc 2/3 profile" didn't you understand?
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    hello... i also am having this problem. however, i DID dump the file using alcohol 120% using safedisk 2/3, and am still having this problem... what do i do now?

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    which program (game) did you try to dump?

    Which settings used for dumping? Which protection (if known)

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    game dumped: mvp baseball 2004 (protection = safedisk 2.90.040)

    settings used on alcohol: safedisk 2/3, clone cd image file and media descriptor image file (tried both, neither seemed to do the trick).

    i'm not sure what other settings, if any, you might be wondering about, if there are others please specify, and i'll gladly look.

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    please make sure you installed game from Daemon-Drive, not from real one!

    BTW: What kind of problems occured? Game will not start? Any better description? Errors? Messages?

    And of course use latest versions of both, alcohol and daemon tools

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    i dumped both disk one and disk 2 images using alcohol set on safedisk 2/3, mounted them using a daemon virtual drive, installed from there.

    the kind of problems that occur is just that it tells me it needs the correct cd rom, which would be disk two.

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    you should mount always to the same drive!

    That means, when installing the game, use (just as an example, your drive in
    this example is drive g drive g: and mount first disc, install and if installation
    requires disc 2, mount disc 2. When you want to play, insert disc 2 in your
    first virtual drive (here: drive g: )

    Don't use 2 different drives to install (even not if both drives are virtual ones)

    To switch back so you're able to unmount/mount during install, press
    ALT-TAB and you should be back on desktop, mount disc 2 and click in the
    taskbar again on installer (in case game switches to own GUI during installation)

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    yeah, that's what i did, i used the same drive for both cd's, and just switched back and forth...

    one thing that i've found mentioned on other sites is something about the image being a 1:1 copy... what exactly does that mean, how do i check, and is it necessary to have a 1:1?

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    As you created the image with Alcohol 120% and used the right settings
    as suggested, it should flawlessly work. Did read-errors occur when you
    dumped the disc to hdd? And if yes, in which area those errors occur?

    What other copy-tools you've installed? Maybe CloneCD (and it's virtual
    drive?) Some of these tools are blacklisted already! Deinstall them and try

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