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Thread: Dawn of War: Soulstorm

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    Hey there, not to sure where to post this but I have a question maybe you guys could help with.

    I recently bought dawn of war soulstorm and for some reason my dvdrom couldn't read it. Not to be dissuaded, I got a computer that could read it, but didnt have the specs to play it anything short of a slide show, so I created an image using games xcopy(I know outdated but its all I had available) and then am mounting it using the daemon tools lite lastest version. I enabled the securom option, I read somewhere to change the device parameters, so I did that, and I downloaded the securom 3rd party addon offered at the downloads, but when attempting to run the game, I get the pop up saying a required security device was unable to startup. so I dont use the addon, and just attempt to run it from the mounted image, and it is still detecting that daemon tools is active and wont run it.

    I was wondering if anyone had any possible advice to getting this to run? I legitametly own the game, but since my computer cant see the dvd, I had to do it this way and its not working. Short of getting a new dvd rom, does anyone here have any knowledge that might help me?

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    With latest Daemon Tools Lite 4.12.3 you don't need any 3rd party software to run this game.

    Recreate the image with Daemon Tools Pro (New SecuROM plugin and if an error occur, try different dpm and read speeds).

    And when you click on the link from SecuROM, what error do you get?

    It is also possible to exchange the dvd drives vice versa.
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