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Thread: Vista freezes upon login

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    Default Vista freezes upon login


    I realize my question may have answers on this forum, however I couldn't find any solution that works for me.

    So, here's the problem. I installed DT lite 4.12.3 that I downloaded from this website on my laptop running Windows VISTA Home Premium, then rebooted. Since then, every time I hit the user icon to login into the system, it would freeze forever on the Welcome screen.

    Eventually I figured out it has something to do with the Acer Crystal Eye webcam integrated into the laptop's monitor. And bang -- after I disabled the webcam from the Device Manager, Vista is able to boot successfully.

    None of my attempts to remove DT or sptd was successful. With the webcam enabled, the system would just freeze upon Vista login. Here's what I did:

    1. Removed DT. Tried both uninstaller and manual removal of the files. Did not help.
    2. Removed Windows\system32\drivers\sptd.sys in the safe mode. Did not help.
    3. Cleaned up the registery in the safe mode -- removed any occurence of sptd and DT (though it did not let me remove smth like SPTD_LEGACY). Did not help.

    Please let me know if there's still any way to remove DT or sptd from my Vista? Or will it live there forever??

    Thank you so much.

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    You should remove sptd proper way (and no, its not intented
    to live there forever )

    Please go to this location and download proper sptdinst.exe
    (depending on your operation system):


    Run the file and chose "remove", it should properly remove
    any leftovers. It could be necessary that you first must INSTALL
    it - depending on if your attempts to remove it by hand made
    situation worse now.

    If you want use DAEMON Tools light on your notebook but
    are now in a situation were you cant because of this issue
    with your webcam - did you tried to upgrade your webcams
    Did you thought about to deactivate your webcam - often
    such gimmick is rarely used (if not to say never) by most
    persons I know. Plus it is also a security risk IMHO - but thats
    another story..

    However, after you removed all signs of SPTD and the web-
    cam still cease to function properly, it SHOULD not caused
    by DT anymore, as DT isnt active on such system then
    anymore. If you have success with steps above please
    come back and report about it so we know that your system
    now works again as it should. Of course please come also
    back when it is NOT working as it should - we would do our
    best to help you with your problem!


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