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Thread: I cant burn

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    Default I cant burn

    I have the bin & cue to GTA-VC but the files r too big to burn. Wut do i do?

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    What do you meen, they are too big...:? ?? :?

    An Iso is allways bigger than the content of a cd-rom. Maybe you have a DVD-rip..?

    When opening the .cue file in Notepad, you can see what the settings of the .bin file are (Mode 1 e.g.) You should be able to burn the file with Nero, Alcohol, etc. You just beed a burning program that can handle the .cue file.

    If you have a DVD-iso.. Buy a DVD-burner.. :lol: (if you want it to be a 1:1 copy so you can use it with DT).... Otherwise you can use Winiso, isobuster or a simular program to extract the content of the .bin file to your HD... than split the files into 2 or maybe even 3 parts which you can burn to cd.....

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