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Thread: Problem with Backup Disc

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    Default Problem with Backup Disc

    I made a copy of my Jedi Knight 2 disc and mount it using Daemon Tools to avoid having to leave the disc in my drive constantly. (With 200 Gb on the hard drive, I do this frequently...)

    I recently reinstalled my OS (Win XP Pro);
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    installed the newest version of Daemon Tools (3.26);
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    and thought that I would reinstall Jedi Knight 2 with the image file instead of the disc, since it should be much faster with everything residing on the hard drive. However, after the setup program has copied a few files it crashes with a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error. I'm confused as to why I couldn't do the install this way... Any suggestions as to how I could've made this work?

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    what image format did u use? Maybe ur image got damaged by an HDD error or something?
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    ISO format. The image works for the protection check now that I've installed with the CD. I haven't had any hard drive problems.

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    Bad image - create it again from your original cd.
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    I did recreate it (on a CD/RW) and it does the exact same thing.

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    Which software did you use to create the image?
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