I've read other posts and have followed the weak advice on how to uninstall the adware "bunny" and even I've even uninstalled daemon lite but I still can't get rid of the search bar in Firefox 2 browser and I also get popup ads. I uninstalled daemon so now I don't know what version it was.

Alco says: "simply go to 'Control Panel' (Add/Remove and remove there you Advertising application)."
>> It's not there.

Jito463 says: "Try installing 4.11.1 and uncheck the Search Bar during installation."
>> It's not available on your website. (I tried installing daemon4123-lite.exe (without checking the boxes to install the crap) but I still have all the "bunnies" and the daemon search toolbar in Foxfire 2.

Underheaven says: "I believe it's listed as WhenU under control panel Add/Remove programs"
(You believe? If you are daemon employee you should know.)
>> No, WhenU is not there.

Copytrooper says "Check WhenU support site for uninstallation information regarding SaveNow."
>>Didn't help -- besides, I downloaded this malware from daemon and I intentionally gave you the "support" that you asked for. Daemon now has a responsibility to help me get rid of it.

Please help me get rid of the daemon search toolbar in Foxfire 2.