Cannot find Virtual Device Driver
Unable to add adapter device problem 39

Windows XP SP2
Daemon tools 4.12.4
SPTD 1.56 - comes with Daemon Tools
Windows XP Service Pack 2

Verify SPTD is running. Open Device Manager select View-> View hidden devices. Check under Non Plug and Play devices for spdt device. It should be running. If it is not then re-install SPTD.

When Daemon tools tries to start you get the error message as above as it cannot talk to the SPTD adapter.

IBM Proventia eSecure or IBM Desktop security is running and blocking access to the device. It doesnt seem to matter if application security is turned off.

1. Right click on the Proventia icon in bottom right corner and select Stop Agent.
2. Start Daemon Tools
3. Right click on the Proventia icon and select Start Agent.

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