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Thread: Issue with notification icon when dialogue is open

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    Lächeln Issue with notification icon when dialogue is open

    How to reproduce

    1) Left click on the daemon tools notification icon and select and device. A dialog for file selection will appear.

    2) Open other windows on top of the dialog.

    Now there is no way to get to the dialog with out moving the windows on top. Thats not really that big of a deal however now click on the daemontools icon in the notification area. Nothing happens.

    When clicking on the status bar icon it should bring any open file dialogs to the front.

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    This is annoying if it happens, I just reproduced it using your steps. With DAEMON Tools Pro and lite, both versions failed to respond to left or right clicks but Pro still responded to double left click (and launched the normal Pro interface).

    I only had this happen to me twice in the years i've been using DAEMON Tools. So I guess people could use some extra functionality here.
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