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Thread: Unable To Locate Component

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    Default Unable To Locate Component

    Hey guys, need some help here.. Trying to use DaemonScript to load up some Mini Images for games, but I constantly get this error ..

    "This application has failed to start because imgenine.dll wes not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

    Then this error pops up when I click on the 'OK' button on that error window ..

    "Error: DaemonTools Virtual Drives are Locked"

    I have tried re-installing both DaemonScript and Daemon Tools, but it didnt help.
    I've not had this problem with any DaemonTools before the current 4.30.00 version.

    Is this a new bug thats been introduced with the latest version of DaemonTools or is it an DaemonScript problem ?

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    DaemonScript is outdated and doesn't support version 4 if i remember correct.
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    So now that DaemonScript v1.6.2 is no longer functioning with the new version of Daemon-Tools then is there any other scripting tool that can do what DS does?

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    I'm setup daemon . it error and not add the CD


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