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Thread: Track length calculated wrong

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    Default Track length calculated wrong

    Hello, i just tried to create an Audio CD from some MP3s and noticed that the Tracks shown up with the wrong Lenghts, therefor didnt all fit on one CD according to Astroburn 1.0.8

    For Example, a Song is 4:44 long and shows up as 7:43 in Astroburn.

    Since i only had this Problem with this Specific MP3`s, heres some Info about it:

    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Channels: 2
    Bitrate: 209 kbps
    Codec: MP3
    Codec Profile: MP3 VBR V2
    Encoding: lossy
    Tool: LAME3.90


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    Hello Zoriel. Please, contact astroburn support team and specify this topic's link in your message.
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    Bitrate: 209 kbps ,duh? What kind of bitrate is that could
    the size problem have something to do with that?
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    I actually talked with the Support as suggested and send them one of those MP3s.
    From my observation, it seemed that Astroburn didnt like the Tagging.

    Because once i changed anything in the Tags using Foobar, it worked flawless.

    Since i didnt personally tag those MP3`s, i couldnt tell what was originally used.

    But they said they will investigate it now
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