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Thread: BF2 mini image!?!?!

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    Default BF2 mini image!?!?!

    I want to make a mini image of my Battlefield 2 CD 1 so that I don't have to have it around all the time. I am pretty sure its not a DVD, which means that its protected by SafeDisc 4.5 according to the game database.

    Anyone know how to do this?

    thanks in advance!

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    - download and install Alcohol 52%
    - Insert BF2 CD and open Image Making wizard of Alcohol
    - choose SafeDisc-Datatype but uncheck Skip reading errors (Datatype will change to Customize)
    - Alcohol will stop image creation at first read error and asks whether you want to delete the files -> No

    The resulting mini image should suffice to start the game.

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    Default thanks a lot!

    it worked perfectly! at first I thought it didn't work because when BF2 started up it crashed and went back to the desktop. Then I realized that since I was virtualizing windows on my mac, that it had an emulated 8mb graphics card. So I booted windows and it worked fine. Now every kill is that much more satisfying, because I know that the person I just killed is crying in front of their high end gaming PC.

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    Beitrag Heeeeeelp

    Hi used one tool DAEMON TOOLS PRO and i thought it worked great i could create images ,create virtual drives, and mount the images easily and most "importantly" simply ive already created images of loads of my games like BF2 ,Rise Of Nations ,BIA , BIA road to hill 30 COD 4 , CCS , Frontlines fuels of war (didnt work) ,Rainbow six lockdown etc other question why on my DAEMON TOOLS PRO does all the the icon images look so messed up like the cod 44 green star is a bit red and stuff any idea.

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    Please post a screenshot of what you meant.
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