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Thread: YASU Startup Options

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    Ausrufezeichen YASU Startup Options

    I may be a noob and missed something, but I spent hours combing this board, using search, etc. looking for the startup parameter options for Y.A.S.U.

    In case there are others like me here is what I found on a chinese website, they appear to work:

    Commandline Parameters:

    -s Silent mode (Using this when Y.A.S.U is active will hide Y.A.S.U in the system tray).
    -a Add to system start up.
    -r Remove from system start up.
    -x Terminates/Closes Y.A.S.U (only works if Y.A.S.U is already active).
    -c Enables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s) for SafeDisc & SecuROM.
    -uc Disables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s).
    -nosd No SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SafeDisc.
    -nosdi No Intelligent SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT use intelligent SafeDisc Anti-Blacklist(s).
    -nosr No SecuROM. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SecuROM.
    -nopc Disables Y.A.S.U permission checking.

    *NOTE: Using -nosd & -nosr together will just terminate Y.A.S.U (unless Y.A.S.U is already
    *NOTE: When using -s with Y.A.S.U v1.10 (or newer) devices are not automatically hidden
    use "-s -c" to enable silent cloaking.

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    There should have been a "readme.txt" in the archive (.rar or .zip) you downloaded... the above information is included with the readme.txt...

    If it's not in the archive, the site you downloaded YASU from has stripped the "readme.txt" (i.e. not from Daemon-Tools).
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    "-s -x" for silent exit. closing does also uncloak. does nothing if not started.

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    Default but...

    How do I execut them?


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