I may be a noob and missed something, but I spent hours combing this board, using search, etc. looking for the startup parameter options for Y.A.S.U.

In case there are others like me here is what I found on a chinese website, they appear to work:

Commandline Parameters:

-s Silent mode (Using this when Y.A.S.U is active will hide Y.A.S.U in the system tray).
-a Add to system start up.
-r Remove from system start up.
-x Terminates/Closes Y.A.S.U (only works if Y.A.S.U is already active).
-c Enables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s) for SafeDisc & SecuROM.
-uc Disables Y.A.S.U Anti-Blacklist(s).
-nosd No SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SafeDisc.
-nosdi No Intelligent SafeDisc. Y.A.S.U will NOT use intelligent SafeDisc Anti-Blacklist(s).
-nosr No SecuROM. Y.A.S.U will NOT hide any devices from SecuROM.
-nopc Disables Y.A.S.U permission checking.

*NOTE: Using -nosd & -nosr together will just terminate Y.A.S.U (unless Y.A.S.U is already
*NOTE: When using -s with Y.A.S.U v1.10 (or newer) devices are not automatically hidden
use "-s -c" to enable silent cloaking.