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Thread: No Autoplay, can't open image.

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    Default No Autoplay, can't open image.

    How do I make images open?
    My dt just started to not work. One day it was fine, then it stopped working. Only thing I did was install another hard drive in my system.
    DT mounts .iso but they do not open automatically, i have to browse virtual drive in Explorer and open files from there. That works for .iso files but i have some .nrg images that do not have material i can browse so I have no way of opening them.
    I have uninstalled DT, restarted my computer, reinstalled DT, selected automount.
    What could the problem be and what else should I try?

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    It seems Autoplay got somehow deactivated at your computer - install some tool like TuneUp Utilites and activate autoplay.
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