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Thread: DVD playback from physical drive compromised

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    Default DVD playback from physical drive compromised

    This problem is exclusive to DVDs that I try and play through my CDROM/DVD drive. I can play mounted ISO images through the virtual drive using DT, and the playback is normally smooth. However, when I try to play the DVD using the physical drive, the video feed and audio are extremely choppy. This problem began once I played my first ISO image using DT (the problem was not present following DT installation). I have tried a number of things to correct the problem and will now list my attempts (they were all unsuccessful):

    -Dismount the ISO image and disable the virtual drive before playing the DVD from the drive.

    -Tried using different DVD players/programs.

    -Uninstalling DT and changing the SCTP value in the registry.

    -Contacting a Dell representative, who installed new codecs...unable to correct the problem, recommended I reinstall windows -_-

    I would appreciate any help at restoring my system so I can play DVDs normally through the drive (creating an ISO image is time consuming and memory dependent and I'd rather not resort to this). If there is any additional information I may provide, please be sure to let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Check DMA setting of your DVD drive in device manager properties of the IDE channel it is connected to. It must be on "DMA if possible" and on an active UDMA mode, if it is on PIO set it back to DMA.
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    There are two IDE channels. I'm not sure how to find out which one is connected to the DVD drive though. The Transfer Mode settings for both IDE channels are on DMA if available, however the current Transfer Mode for the secondary IDE channel is in PIO mode.

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    Well, you should be able to check in BIOS which devices are connected as primary master and slave, and (if any) as secondary master and slave. Unfortunately the channels will also be set to PIO mode if there is no device attached.
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    Well I have come to find that my CDROM drive is associated with the 2ndary IDE channel. This channel is currently set to DMA if available but the current mode is PIO. I've noticed that my desktop has identical settings, and there is no problem there. I'm wondering if this is not the problem and it lies elsewhere...

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    I've found there are more problems than I originally thought...I can no longer use the drive to grab or burn DVDs as was the case before I used this program. So basically my drive is in shambles...PLEASE help!

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    Problem fixed. Was a problem with the PIO/UDMA mode. Found an app that reverted PIO ~> UDMA...thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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    What was the name of the program that re-enabled the UDMA. I know powerdvd came with a program like this.
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