well, I first thought that, too. But after I read the thread at
the other board where all this crap seemed to start, I guess
it was indeed only a guy with less knowledge (unexperienced
user or beginner with computer-systems maybe) and not
harmfull intentions against us.
Unfortunatly, this charming guy, accusing us for riddling his systems and
menaced to report about it on some blogger-sites, now caused some confusion, as people
(often) do not read the full thread but only first few lines.
Strong lines like

I don't know what kind of game you are running here
are pretty fast cited by others and so the "hear-say" is on
its way. The guy only thought about his computers security,
I dont believe it was some kind of conspiracy. But in the end,
this is not what counts, as @bernaar already pointed out.

Therefore I changed the first post now and added some lines
as a note and summarized the results plus added at the bottom
of this site a linkback to the forum where all this hassle also
annoyed some guys, who - THANKS to you, whoever you are! -
found out pretty fast that we are not the culprit here and
CHECKED what they post before harm others. Anyway. I'm
pretty pissed now. Maybe best would be to all guys who post such
not-true statements deny the right to use DT for
lifetime now and ban them from all our sites. This to protect our interests,
as such persons can obviously damage our reputation, plus we dont want
to deal with them in the future but concentrate on those who contributed the most
to DT and our community.