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Thread: Error message spam on startup.

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    Default Error message spam on startup.

    Okay so I just formated my PC. Before Daemon Tools worked fine on it. Now, however, when I start daemon tools I get loads of error messages. The first one is in swedish so I'll try to translate it as good as I can:

    Could not add a new controlunit. No access to the registry.

    Then I get around 2-3 errors saying:

    Virtual SCSI driver not detected.
    What am I suppose to do?

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    Noone knows eh? :/

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    Seems some soft or screwed registry permissions block registry access, so disable/remove that software, or fix registry.
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    A little more information would be useful, like:
    What version of Windows?
    What version of Daemon Tools?

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    sorry forgot 'bout that :p Windows Vista SP1,
    And the latest version of daemon tools lite.


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