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Thread: Error installing 3.16 through 3.26 after upgrade

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    Default Error installing 3.16 through 3.26 after upgrade

    I have failed to upgrade D-Tools.

    Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25004

    I upgraded to 3.26 from 3.17. Since then I have not been able to get D-tools installed. During the 3.26 installation the machine is restarted. At the end of the restart WinXP does an auto-reboot. At the end of that reboot the "new hardware" wizard wants to install drivers. Doing so results in another auto-reboot. Meanwhile the 3.26 installer gives me a 25006 device setup error code.

    I then tried other versions (3.23, 3.20, 3.17 and finally 3.16) but none worked. I still do not have my old setup back. I believe that something went wrong in the uninstallation of 3.17. Is there a way to do the installation manually?

    I use WinXP corporate, WITHOUT sp1
    I have Nero and CDRWin 4.0A installed
    I had Virtual CD4 installed, but removed it (to the best of my knowledge)
    I have not used easy cd creator, nor can I find any reference to it on my machine
    I am NOT running anti-virus or firewall software

    Thanks in advance!

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    is it possible to uninstall 3.17 first?


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