Hi, I came here to try and buy a key for 4.3 pro.

To put it shortly.

Everything seemed fine, followed the links to which I wanted to buy, then I found out I have to regisiter. Tried that, Error "Failed to connect" ok.....every other site works. I tried my iphone..that worked?

Ok, so I try to login on my PC....error, failed to connect.

Try on my iphone, worked.

Ok, I cant login on my pc so I just do the rest on my iphone as annoying as it is.

Got everything, regisitered, bought the soft, and now I got to dl it.

Well I cant cause I cant login on the PC thats needs it.

So I used a laptop that my brother has, and that works fine too? Same internet router.

Send the key to me and software and try to install it.
Says my evaluatioon period is up? Okay, never had it on this PC (Fresh new installtion of vista.)

I try to install, full paid version of the key I just bought and I keep getting the same exact error I got on the site.


Oh and im also posting here because I tried sending a message to them...but guess what? Type up a message, clicked send...FAILED TO CONNECT

What the hell?