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Thread: DT pro trial doesn't work and now I can't uninstall

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    Default DT pro trial doesn't work and now I can't uninstall

    So seeing as how useful daemon tools is, I decided to give pro a try. So I download the trial, install it and go to run it and it immediately says my trial time has expired. Quite a fast trial. So now I have no way of evaluating your product, or even any way of knowing whether it would work if I bought it.

    So I go to uninstall it. Run the uninstaller from the DT pro directory. Error message pops up saying it's "unable to verify" the installation. I ended up just deleting the directory, but I'd like to complete the uninstall. Can anyone give me instructions on doing this? Or have any ideas about how I could get the trial to work?

    Also, this is unrelated, but ffs do you guys have any idea how irritating it is to have to respond to an activation email? All I want is to ask a question. This shouldn't take more than a minute, but instead I have to go to my inbox and keep refreshing for several minutes until the damn email arrives. The whole registering thing takes longer than the asking the question part.

    Anyway, sorry if I sound pissed off, I'm not. Just a little annoyed. Anyone have any ideas on solving these problems?

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    Problem solved, was a connection problem. Seems a little stupid to me that I have to connect to the internet just to install a demo, but w/e. It's working fine now.

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    ??? where did you download the trial ???
    I just can't find it under - THE DAEMONS HOME or anywhere else...

    Thanks for a little help!

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