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Thread: Starfleet Command 3 trouble.....?

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    Default Starfleet Command 3 trouble.....?

    Operating System: XP
    Burning Software: Alchohol 120%, WinISO....
    Anti-virus Software: none- using Norton Firewall
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44- newest

    I am attempting to load Starfleet Command 3, made by Taldren and Activision jointly... I used ''CD Protection'' to attempt to dictate what sort of protection the disk has, and it found only ''CD check''...
    I used Alchohol 120, with everything checked, and it still won't play the game... the screen will load, but it always says to ''insert game CD''...
    what the devil can it be? If it'll run my Neverwinter Nights, a much 'higher-end' game, then surely it would run that half-arsed game....

    Anyone have any ideas? I'd sure appreciate it... I heavily mod both games, and am sick of opening and closing the bloody CD tray.

    Thank you any and all....

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    Operating System: 98SE
    Burning Software: yes
    Anti-virus Software: none
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

    if you get read errors... try using SD profiles with subchannel-reading
    if you don't... try SecuROM profiles with DPM...
    if you don't care about this post anymore... forget what you don't know...

    and if that didn't help... then
    1. it's Tages and i can't help you...
    2. it's something else and i can't help you...
    3. at least if you checked this forum's other informations.


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