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Thread: Can't play Securom 5.00.03 protected game

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    Default Can't play Securom 5.00.03 protected game


    recently I got Sonic Adventure DX. It's protected with Securom 5.00.03 at least that's what Protection ID says. When I tried to play it for the first time with my original CD, it wanted me to insert the original disc although it already was inserted. I presume that it has detected my version of Daemon Tools. But: normally this shouldn't be possible because I've installed version 3.44 and renamed the bus and port drivers. Of course the game didn't work when I tried to use the image or a copy via RMPS-emulation. Does anyone have a good suggestion what I could do? Thanks for your help!

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    Well I think this is a really big joke. I own the original game and can't run it. Then a crack is published and as soon as I use it the game works. Does that mean that the gaming industry wants us to crack their games in order to be able to play them at all. *lol*
    How can someone be that stupid?!
    In any case the game works now just fine and everybody (in this case I) is happy about it.

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    whoo hoo hoo hoooo

    calm down, pal even the securom guys are probably redoing some thinking... couple of game companies are doing about their stuff, at least.

    You could have checked a couple of things...

    DT emulation OFF - still not working?
    DT drive OFF - still not working?
    Since you didn't post it... if you got alcohol or clonecd's virtual drive installed, you should try the above with them, also...

    BTW, i got (to my knowledge) exactly one game with this shit on it, so my contribution is not exactly of empiric value... but i ain't got a single problem with it... using DT 3.41 (playing from disc not image)


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