Hi there LocutusofBorg. Iґm Inspector Switchblade, better known as Sblade. Iґve helped thousand of gamers run Securom protected gamers for some years with my TECH FAQ

I donґt mind DRMґs like TAGES, but Securom is built in a way that is invasive, risky and annoying to say the least....

Iґm joining the lawsuit against EA for their use in Spore. Now short after the lawsuit, assh**es updated their FAQ:


2.2 Is SecuROM actually loaded onto my computer?
SecuROM is a DRM system used by software publishers to protect their intellectual property. In the course of applying the solution, certain files are placed onto the computer for the system to work properly

Cool, no prob with that.

2.3 Does SecuROM install a driver or any other software at the kernel level ("Ring 0") of my PC?
No, SecuROM does not install any components or perform any processes at the kernel or ring 0 level. All SecuROM components and processes occur at ring 3, the normal application level.

Well hereґs my question LocutusofBorg. How they can find your DT application then?


Your software is legal, if I were you Iґll sue their butts ASAP, but that is entirely up to you....

What I want to know is if thereґs any chance they can detect RING0 virtual drives by running at RING3? I highly doubt it....

Looking forward to your answers