evlncrn8 I am trying to see where Sblade is supposed to be disclosing anything.

OK so some of this information is not available to the General Public as of yet, but do you really think the case is so weak to rely on that basic information.

Come on dude, let's be serious here.

You know Sblades standpoint on this, You know mine. So where do you stand?

As in what is your vested interest in trying to prove the case for Sony?

If there is no vested interest, then what exactly is your point in this argument that you are trying to incite.

No offence but several times now, you have come forward with comments that seem like.

'Tell me your case or I will throw my toys out of the stroller'.

The same applies to you, as you keep presenting to Sblade, show solid evidence that your counter arguments are correct.

Sblade has a very obvious and legitimate reason for not going into detail on certain things (Legal requirements). So what is your reason for not supporting your arguments with factual content for peer review?