Thank you for providing Daemon Scripts.

I am having three problems about it.

There is a 'Wait For Application' script. It can be used for waiting a programme to quit, then image can be unmounted.

However, the name of my programme starts with a space, ie ' some.exe' instead of 'some.exe'.

Although I did enter ' some.exe' (with the space) in the field of 'Wait For Application', Daemon Scripts tended to ignore the space. Therefore, the script just skipped immediately, and the next script 'Unmount' unwillingly executed then.

I use Windows XP SP3, each time when I click 'Open' to load a Script file, a dialogue box appears, and the preset choice at the bottom of the box is '*.*'.

However, there are not any files listed in the box. I need to manually type '*.*' in the field below in order for the box to list the files.

When using the 'Mount' script, we need to choose a preset virtual drive to mount. However sometimes that drive is being occupied, so if we execute the script, it will replace the image mounted.

Is it possible to ask Daemon Scripts to mount image to a next available drive? If it is, then is it possible to ask Daemon Script also umount the image from that fluctuate virtual drive?

Thank you very much for reading.