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Thread: Vista ultimate 64bit problem.

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    Default Vista ultimate 64bit problem.

    Checked the forum first for solutions to the problem before posting, but nothing was quite what the problem i have is.

    getting a "Unable to mount image. File is not accessable" error when i try to mount a .CUE file.

    i am using DTLite v.4.30.1

    i have tried moving the files to a root drive (i.e: D which has helped none. tried changing which virtual drive i try to mount it to as well.

    any thoughts? am using Vista ultimate 64 bit sp1 OS, with a AMD 9600 quad core.

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    How did you create the image file?
    Post the contents of the cue-sheet.
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    Default related issue?

    Vista ultimate x64 sp1 AMD 6000+ x2 8gb ram

    I mount a iso file and in roughly 70% of the case I get an error message when trying to access the disc that says something along the lines of :

    "Windows is unable to acess this disc. Make sure it's in a format that windows can read. "
    The Iso files all seem to be in decent shape, I can access them with winzip or winrar and extract the information on them without any problems - I just can't mount and read them.
    The error message arrives for pretty much every image format out there, from .iso to .bin - dvds to old cds

    I tried uninstalling DTLite v.4.30.1 as well as sptd 1.56 and going back to 4.12 , as in 4.30.1 the discs all mount fine, it's just that I can't access most of them afterwards.

    Any ideas?

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    Try to set virtual drives to Disabled, then activate again and try again.
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    No change for me.

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    Such error is usually caused by wrong or buggy drivers installed, so check these threads:
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